PESTINORM® SUPRA TRACE solvents for pesticide and organic substance trace analysis

PESTINORM® SUPRA TRACE – a universal solvent for every application

Eleven high purity solvents for all organic sample analysis and sensitive detection methods (GC-FID, GC-ECD, GC-MS).

  • Very high purity (>99,9% of assay), reliability
  • One universal solvent for all samples and sensitive detection methods
  • Specified retention time range for ECD is larger  (so even low boiling substances can be reliably detected)
  • All detection methods included in specifications
  Description Pk Cat. No. Promo price Quantity
  2 -Propanol 2,5 l 85391.320E  
  Acetone 2,5 l 85384.320E  
  Cyclohexane 2,5 l 85385.320E  
  Dichloromethane 2,5 l 85386.320E  
  Ethyl acetate 2,5 l 85387.320E  
  Methanol 2,5 l 85394.320E  
  n-Heptane 99% 2,5 l 85388.320E  
  n-Hexane 95% 2,5 l 85389.320E  
  n-Hexane 99% 2,5 l 85390.320E  
  Petroleum spirit 40 - 60 2,5 l 85392.320E  
  Toluene 2,5 l 85393.320E