Analytical Chemistry

Avantor Analytical Chemistry

No matter what methods or technology you use, Avantor offers a comprehensive catalog of the equipment, reagents, chemicals, consumables, tools, and other products you need every day. We have everything labs need for industrial, academic or government applications.

Analytical Chemistry solutions

Avantor carries a broad range of products to meet the specialized needs of analytical chemistry laboratories. We offer high-quality products from the world’s most trusted brands to help you and your colleagues answer the most challenging questions in biomedical research, environmental and forensic work, clinical diagnostics, and other materials science applications.


To measure pH and conductivity, or perform titrations, analysts use electrochemical techniques. Avantor has everything you need to outfit your lab with the meters, probes, accessories, and chemicals for any electrochemistry application.

Molecular Spectroscopy

Avantor carries a comprehensive selection of spectrometers and other equipment and materials you’ll need to successfully determine the molecular identity of samples in your commercial, government, or academic laboratory.

Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic spectroscopy helps analysts identify and quantify materials by examining their atomic structure. Avantor carries a broad selection of spectrometers and other equipment and materials you’ll need to complete this task in your lab.

Physical Measurement

Compounds may act differently based on their physical structure. Avantor has the instruments and equipment you need to identify compounds by looking at their refractive index, melting point, or other physical characteristic.

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF)

X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, or XRF, lets analysts obtain qualitative and quantitative information by measuring the fluorescent X-rays that are emitted from a sample when X-rays are projected onto the sample from an outside source.