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As the world leader in chemical analysis, Merck offers a complete range of high quality products to meet rigorous analytical needs.

Merck helps its clients improve the health and lives of people all over the world.

The brand offers a wide range of products whilst addressing a multitude of activites: Industry, Research, Pharmacology, Life Science, Environment, Chromatography, Microbiology, Health, Diagnostics In vitro, Biochemistry, etc.

Same products, new packaging

Merck has brought together the world's leading life science brands to create a world-class portfolio of science and technology solutions that focuses on your toughest problems.

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    Featured brands

    • Sigma Aldrich®
    • Mill-Q®
    • Millipore®
    • Supelco®

    Test kits and photometric methods


    Instrumental analysis


    Inorganic Reagents


    Biochemistry and in vitro diagnostics

    Safety products and cleaning agents