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Production and Customised Products

Production and Customised Products

VWR's range of products and services for production supplies supports customers in manufacturing, assembling and production operations in many industries including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and beverage, semiconductors and chemicals, amongst others. Our capabilites include critical environment supplies, safety products and a growing range of production chemicals and bioprocessing materials. Our global presence enables standardisation of products and suppliers underpinned by VWR’s supply chain security and efficient order and material handling.

Avantor Production Chemicals

Find everything you need with J.T. Baker® products range.

pH EUR Products

VWR offer a wide range of pharmacopoeia compliant materials for production as well as PH. EU. Reag. conforming reagents for QC.

High purity solvents (recycling drums) for production

VWR’s Returnable Container Advantage Programme (ReCAP) reliably delivers performance, convenience, and safety for your high-purity solvents. The programme starts with your choice of sealed, pressurised 185, 1000 or 1350 l stainless steel container, filled with VWR chemicals high purity Acetonitrile or Methanol (choose your specification). Solvent can be safely dispensed without risking product contamination, spillage, or personal exposure. When the container is almost empty, let us know and we will replace it with a full one so your work remains uninterrupted.

Custom Made Products

VWR provide you high-quality chemicals and services, corresponding to your requirements in manufacturing, dosing, packaging, assembly.

BioProcessing solutions

VWR can satisfy your needs for media components, sera supplements and buffers used in upstream applications as well as buffers and excipients for downstream purification and final fill respectively. Our technical experts can help with all aspects of your process from single-use mixing vessels, holding bags, and sterile fluid pathways as well as helping you by providing solutions for controlled environment requirements. Click here for our extensive microsite.

BioPharma solutions

Biopharmaceutical production often use aqueous solutions of different acids and bases.
VWR has now added the following Sodium hydroxide, Hydrochloric and acetic acids to their range of solutions for biopharmaceutical production.

Instead of having to invest in equipment to produce or store solutions, as well as taking the time to make them up, you can simply order them as ready to use.

Production chemicals in bulk packaging

We give you the possibility to buy your Production chemicals in large packs, from 10L up to 200L. We have many packaging sizes: 12kg, 20L, 25kg, 50L and more.