Food & Beverage

Mat & drikke

Du ønsker å identifisere eller kvantifisere en viss bestanddel i en matvare eller drikkeprøve. Kromatografiske teknikker brukes ofte for å identifisere og kvantifisere en rekke prøver.

Analysis of Patulin in Apples

You are required to determine quantities of mycotoxins in food. Patulin is a toxin often found in rotting apples. Here is a good example application.

Analysis of Water-Soluble Vitamins

You need to determine the amount of water-soluble vitamins in your sample, you can find a solution here.

Monitoring Amino Acids by HPLC

Looking to identify and quantify certain key amino acids in your sample, a simple HPLC method can provide you with a solution.

Aflatoxin Analysis By HPLC

Your lab must identify and determine levels of aflatoxin in your food products. Using HPLC, as described here, could help you identify a method.