DuPont™ ProShield® products

Constructed with a soft fabric and excellent breathability, ProShield® coveralls from DuPont help protect against non-hazardous particles and light liquid splash.

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Proshield® 20

Based on SMS technology, breathable lightweight coverall for entry-level Type 5, 6 protection. ProShield® 20 garments are an ideal choice for workers seeking protection against dirt and grime during light duty work and other industries.

Proshield® 20 SFR

The solution to protect you and your flame-resistant workwear underneath. ProShield® 20 SFR provide limited protection against flame spread (index 1) in addition to protection against particles and limited liquid splashes or sprays of water-based liquids.

Proshield® 8 Proper

ProShield® 8 Proper overalls are comfortable because the material allows the passage of air and water vapour. ProShield® 8 Proper can be re-used several times and may also be washed up to seven times.