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Spectroquant®Prove - Simplify water analysis with a new class of spectrophotometers

New range of instruments designed to meet all your requirements for water analysis - waste water, process water or drinking water and beverages.

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  • Live ID, a new, data-rich 2D barcode on all cell and reagent tests for recognizing methods and transfering “live” data like expiry, lot number together with automatic, complementary calibration updates
  • Cell Test Port - Direct insertion of round cell tests without opening any lid
  • AQA prime - Complete verification and documentation for all stages of quality control
  • Easy cleaning - Cell holder removable
  • Matrix Check easily detects interferences
Spectroquant® PROVE 100 Spectroquant® PROVE 300 Spectroquant® PROVE 600
Routine applications Sensitive measurements Complex analysis
The best choice for use with cell tests and Vis measurements Long lasting Xenon lamp makes it suitable for intensive use in UV-Vis High-end UV-Vis optics and cuvettes up to 100 mm. Excellent resolution and sensitivity
1.73016.0001 1.73017.0001 1.73018.0001


How to start the Prove

How to navigate through the functions

How to use Prove with the Spectroquant® cell test kits and reagent sets

How to easily clean the Prove

How to select the language, date and time

Datatransfer - Data on demand - easy to filter - easy to share

How to check interfering matrix

Be sure of your system: use AQA Analytical Quality Assurance