Merck rask analyse

Merck har over 100 års erfaring innen analyse. Alle testsett, teststrimler og fotometriske systemer er laget for å gi optimal presisjon og hastighet samt enkel håndtering ved testing av mat- og drikkevarer.


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Merck Spectroquant®Prove - Simplify water analysis with a new class of spectrophotometers

For routine applications to complex analysis.

Additional Information

Merck RQflex® 20 – Accuracy with reflectometry

The new quantitative test strip reader RQflex® 20 supports your process by monitoring chemical parameters on the spot. With the intuitive menu navigation and a pre-selection of samples it enables for faster and traceable decisions on the production process.

Product Links

Merck Spectroquant® Multy, Move and NOVA photometers

  • Spectroquant® Multy Colorimeter is a comprehensive yet inexpensive colorimeter for photometric water analysis.
  • Spectroquant® Move 100 is made for rapid, reliable on-site water analysis.
  • Spectroquant® NOVA 60 offers high measurement quality with great simplicity.