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DNA Purification and Automation

Circulating cell-free DNA isolation
Plant genomic DNA isolation
Blood and tissue genomic DNA isolation
Automated solutions for Nucleic Acid Purification

Since its founding in 1998, Omega Bio-tek, Inc. offers high quality, convenient and cost-effective products for nucleic acid purification in clinical and basic research, biotechnology and agricultural applications. DNA and RNA extraction is the first step for many downstream analyses, so efficient and clean nucleic acid isolation is crucial. Omega Bio-tek has 800+ products ranging from RNA isolation from plants to DNA extraction from dried blood spots, and in different technologies.

Mag-Bind® technology provides a flexible and reliable method for nucleic acid purification using magnetic beads that are customised to each application, offering optimal magnetisation response time, setting and binding capacity. Magnetic beads kits can be used manually and with automated liquid handlers

Magnetic bead-based kits are optimized in process times and binding capacity for each application. Magnetic beads are available in 24-, 96-, and 384-well formats to fit your sample size. Magnetic beads allow for higher recovery and yield of nucleic acids than filter-based methods.

Magnetic stands with SBS standard format can be added to liquid handlers, which can be specifically programmed for an inexpensive way to process multiple plates simultaneously. Omega Bio-tek Mag-Bind kits are compatible with any open-programming robotic platform like Hamilton, Beckman-Coulter, Tecan, Thermo Kingfisher, and others.