Acrodisc® MS certified syringe filters

Acrodisc MS syringe filters reduce the risk of matrix effects caused by extractables, and the filters are low in protein binding providing more accuracy in protein determinations and reduced concern about analyte losses.

What is the Acrodisc MS?

The Acrodisc MS is the first syringe filter that is LCMS-certified. It offers extremely low extractable levels with good flow rates and retention efficiency to protect your columns and instruments.

What are the product benefits?

The first LCMS certified filter with extremely low levels of extractables.

Acrodisc MS syringe filters are packaged into separate tubes to protect them from external sources of extractables. While one tube is in use, the others are kept sealed.

The WWPTFE (water wettable polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane can be used with both organic and aqueous solvents. When coupled with a polyethylene housing, the membrane offers excellent chemical resistance.

There is minimal protein adsorption with the Acrodisc MS syringe filters.

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