See how Pall products can put these criminals behind bars

Barry Backpressure beaten back

Pall Acrodisc® PSF wwPTFE syringe filters have been shown to extend column life by over 40X with no significant increases in backpressure. saving on column replacement. The high effective filtration area of Acrodisc products compared to other products makes filtration quick and easy, especially useful for preparation of multiple samples.


Alice and Patty stopped in their tracks

Cleaning-up and degassing mobile phases with Pall SolVac®, extends column life while maintaining results quality and consistency. Compared to glass funnel filters, SolVac, with its patented magnetic seal, is easy to use, eliminates washing and transfer steps, and minimizes spillage potential by drawing directly from the solvent bottle.


No way through for Patty Particulate

With Pall Acrodisc® PSF wwPTFE syringe filters you can make sure Carolina enjoys a long, happy life and your results are of consistently high quality!


Eddie Extractable eradicated

The Acrodisc MS range is tailor-made for mass spectrometery applications. Its water wettable PTFE membrane and polyethylene hardware ensure extremely low extractable levels, reducing ion suppression / enhancement.


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