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TitroLine® 7800 - the automatic universal titrator

High measuring accuracy raises confidence in results to a whole new level

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

VELP® BOD EVO Sensor System

Get BOD values from the sensor directly to your PC without opening the incubator and manage the data with BODSoft™

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

VELP® flocculators

Make your choice from VELP's range of jar tester for environmental tests

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

J.T.Baker® products from Avantor for your environmental analysis

Application notes available

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

Do you perform environmental analyses in water, air or soil?

Get your Whatman™ filter sample FREE

Make your results accurate

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

VWR® INCU-Line IL 68R cooled incubator

Incubator -20%!

Cooled incubator with forced convection

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

VWR® INCU-Line IL 23R cooled incubator

Incubator - 20%!

For applications between 10 °C below ambient and + 50 °C

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

OHAUS® MB23 and MB25 moisture analysers

Speed, simplicity and affordability for routine moisture analysis

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

VELP® UDK series Kjeldahl distillation units

Choose yout level of automation between models UDK 129 and UDK 139

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

Eutech™ EXPERT pH and conductivity pocket testers

Save money and make your testing simpler

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

2100Q portable turbidimeter

Easiest calibration and verification with accurate results every time

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

SL1000 portable parallel analyser

Water quality testing dramatically streamlined

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

Field pH measurement made easy with IDS

Rugged and precise

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017