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For alle laboratorier

Hits - For your Laboratory

Issue 2 - May 2017


GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

Equip Your Laboratory!

Issue - 05 - February 2017

Hot selection of lab equipment for every segment !

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F2 manual pipettes

Upgrade any old pipette to Thermo Scientific's Finnpipette F2 manual pipettes and get 35% off!

GYLDIG TIL 31/12/2017

Eppendorf Multipette® E3x and Combitip advanced® packages

Special prices !

Purchase 3 units of Eppendorf Combitips advanced® and get 20% discount on Multipette®E3x, choose from options in the table.

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

Eppendorf Centrifuge Packages

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

VWR® anhydrous solvents

A specific range adapted for organic synthesis applications

GYLDIG TIL 31/07/2017

Make your lab a safer place

Special prices!

Solvents, acids and bases in 2,5 l HDPE bottles

GYLDIG TIL 30/09/2017

PhoneSoap for cleaning your Smart Phone or tablets

Clean and charge your device at the same time!

GYLDIG TIL 31/07/2017

MANUDISH Original - ecological hand dishwashing liquid

Protect the planet and your budget with this exceptional offer

GYLDIG TIL 31/07/2017

Bel-Art Lab Companion™ vacuum desiccators

Outstanding vacuum sustainment in a space-maximising cube

GYLDIG TIL 31/07/2017

Bel-Art Switch-Grid test tube racks

One rack with 25 possible tube size combinations

GYLDIG TIL 31/07/2017

Bürkle funnel stands


Sturdy, stable, resistant to chemicals and shatter-proof with easy height adjustment

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

New Thermo Scientific™ MyPipette™ App and E1-ClipTip™ Bluetooth® pipettes

Revolutionise the way you pipette with this NEW web-based App

Introducing a new pipette App

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

Kartell short form measuring jugs in PP

Autoclavable and highly transparent

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

VWR – "All you need" for...

"All you need" er tilgjengelig for meieribransjen, miljøanalyse, genomikk og biobank

VWR Big5´s Catalogue

Du har vel oppdatert deg på våre siste kataloger?