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VWR® Traceable High-Accuracy triple display thermometers

Monitor 2 different areas of any refrigerator/freezer

GYLDIG TIL 30/09/2017

Convert your glass slides into digital data

Ultra-efficient, compact scanning device for professionals, labs and teaching purposes

GYLDIG TIL 30/09/2017

VWR® VisiScope® IT405-FLD inverted fluo microscope

5 year warranty

GYLDIG TIL 30/09/2017

VWR® embedding cassettes - THE standard for your lab

The standard for your lab!

GYLDIG TIL 31/05/2017

STERIHEEL® Baby blood lancets

Higher blood volume with minimum depth of penetration

GYLDIG TIL 31/05/2017

VWR® 120 ml urine containers with vacuum transfer device

Improved hygiene

GYLDIG TIL 31/05/2017

Complete range of swabs for all your application needs

Traditional bacteriology transport swabs

GYLDIG TIL 31/05/2017

VWR® coated adhesion slides

Reliable, high quality, uniform performance.

GYLDIG TIL 31/05/2017

New Bactinyl® disinfectant wipes now available

Discover our new medical device disinfectant wipes

GYLDIG TIL 31/05/2017

Clinical, Forensic and Bioanalysis LC & LC-MS Applications Guide

GYLDIG TIL 31/05/2017

VWRCATALYST equipment and instrument services, from technical support to equipment management

Managing your equipment centrally, keeping it in perfect working order with the assurance of service and support when you need it?

New ACE® LC and LC-MS Complete Applications Guide

Request your FREE copy today!

Bringing together over 340 of the latest LC and LC-MS applications from a wide range of fields