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New Schiff‘s reagent Intense

Extra strong coloured PAS reaction

GYLDIG TIL 30/09/2017

Determination of catecholamines in urine samples

Chromaster HPLC system with fluorescence detector

GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

VWR® cytological endo- and exo-cervical brushes, Q Path® NovaBrush®

Convenient brushes for cytological samples

GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

VWR® formalin neutraliser pads, Q Path® Safety Pad

Effective way to guard against formaldehyde vapours

GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

VWR® biopsy pads, Q Path®

Verified for consistency to achieve optimum solvent flow

GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

VWR® embedding cassettes, Q Path®

The best cassettes for microbiopsies

GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

VWR® Traceable® Excursion-Trac™ data logging refrigerator/freezer thermometers

Special prices!

With user-defined time intervals - put the pen down…go digital!

GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

Acrodisc® Mass Spec certified syringe filters

Request your free sample now!

Minimise interference with the first LC-MS-certified filter with extremely low levels of extractables.

GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

Thermo Scientific Medifuge™

For routine clinical applications

GYLDIG TIL 31/08/2017

VWR® Traceable High-Accuracy triple display thermometers

Monitor 2 different areas of any refrigerator/freezer

GYLDIG TIL 30/09/2017

Convert your glass slides into digital data

Ultra-efficient, compact scanning device for professionals, labs and teaching purposes

GYLDIG TIL 30/09/2017

VWR® VisiScope® IT405-FLD inverted fluo microscope

5 year warranty

GYLDIG TIL 30/09/2017