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Testo thermal imaging cameras

The smart, professional way of measuring temperatures

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

Kautex HDPE jerricans with UN approval

Ideal for food or for chemicals

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

Kautex HDPE wide neck bottles with UN approval

UN approval for hazardous products (solids)

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

Kautex HDPE narrow neck bottles with UN approval - GL 45

UN approval for hazardous products from 500 to 2500 ml

GYLDIG TIL 30/06/2017

Biological buffers for biopharmaceutical production

NEW bioprocessing chemicals, more product solutions!

VWR bioprocessing manufactures commercial scale biological buffers and biochemicals in addition to providing diverse sourcing capabilities. We can help you meet the increasingly rigorous sourcing and supply chain demands of the life science market.

Cancer research centre accelerates research in the face of safety and compliance needs

Case study!

How to manage hazardous materials data efficiently.

VWR global chemical manufacturing sites

VWR enables the enhancement of production and science by providing high quality chemicals and services customised to your product or manufacturing needs. Our core capabilities include:

Aqueous solutions for biopharmaceutical production

Order your aqueous solutions ready to use!

These ready to use aqueous solutions for biopharmaceutical production are mixed in a cleanroom with pharmaceutical grade raw materials (Ph. Eur.) and purified water (Ph. Eur., USP).

Spectrum Chemicals for production

Now available in Europe from VWR International.

VWR in Bioprocessing

From ISO 9001:2008 certified and FDA cGMP compliant facilities, we can provide you with single-use solutions for:

Chemical protective garments: Factors to consider to make the right choice!

Pharma and Diagnostics Production Catalogue

A comprehensive overview of what VWR can do for you in order to manage some of those challenges and to reach your quality goals.

Making products that impact lives

FREE brochure: Custom chemicals and services!

VWR helps fight tuberculosis!

VWR® production chemicals

See what VWR can do for you!

We manage your chemical supply chain.

VWR® amino acid derivates for biopharmaceutical production


Products in various forms to meet the requirement of our biopharmaceutical and biotechnology customers