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uvex launches new innovative CBR65 lens tint


For pheos cx2 and sport-style safety spectacles

GYLDIG TIL 31/01/2019

Application Notes Library on vwr.com


Technical support and educational content

Ansell Microflex® 93-260


The thinnest, chemical resistant disposable glove

GYLDIG TIL 31/01/2019


Stock up now on a choice of high quality, low priced lab coats and safety eyewear!

GYLDIG TIL 28/02/2019

RightCycle* - the first true recycling programme for Kimtech* nitrile gloves and garments

What’s the cost of sustainability?

From now on your used, uncontaminated Kimtech* nitrile gloves and garments are no longer waste but can be recycled with the RightCycle* Program from Kimberly-Clark Professional*

SecureFit™ 600 protective eyewear for better vision and comfort


Get comfortable with changes!

Chemical glove selection simplified

Personalised chemical glove assessment

Ansell Chemical Guardian™ simplifies the chemical glove selection process for your unique set of chemicals

Uvex pheos CX2 safety spectacles demonstrate excellent performance

Winner at work!

Suitable for most disciplines