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Welcome to our VWR Sample Preparation Coffee Break Page

On this page you will find interesting articles, videos, web content and a fun game that can all be completed while you are drinking your cup of coffee or waiting for another HPLC analysis to run. The articles highlight just a handful of the huge range of products available from VWR.

Not filtering your samples?

Pall Laboratory have a wide range of products to ensure the best results for the analytical scientist. The Pall Laboratory Research brochure includes details of analytical filtration products such as Acrodisc syringe filters and SolVac mobile phase filtration as well as many other products for microbiology and life science.

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    Need more reliable sample handling?

    Thermo Scientific™ have a broad range of chromatography consumables for all analytical needs including small molecules and biomolecules. On the dedicated Thermo chromatography microsite on vwr.com you can find all of these products conveniently organised into industry segment workflows.

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      Need to do solid phase extraction?

      Maximise the speed and reproducibility of today’s leading technology for sample preparation with versatile SPE solvents and sorbents, silica- and polymer-based SPE columns and unique, high performance BAKERBOND Speedisk™ columns and discs from Avantor. Learn more about the other products from Avantor in this area.

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        Need help with sample Preparation?

        Need help with HPLC method development sample reparation? Fill out our form for support.

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          Coffee Break game

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