PhastTransfer™ Kit

Leverandør: Cytiva
18-1003-18EA 835 NOK
PhastTransfer™ Kit
Elektroforesesystemer Kombinert gelfarging og blotteprosess system
PhastSystem™ consists of a separation-control unit for system control and electrophoresis, and a development unit for gel staining.

  • The optional PhastTransfer™ kit quickly converts the system into a semi-dry blotting unit

Electrophoresis is performed on a thermostatic plate capable of maintaining temperatures accurately from 0 - 70 °C. Multistep programming capability allows gels to be prerun, loaded and run automatically. Controlled parameters include temperature, voltage, current, power and volt hours.

Leveringsinformasjon: Contains gel-backing remover (mounting block plus cutting frame), electrode cassette, blotting paper and timer.
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