Electronic overhead stirrers, VOS 40 digital and VOS 60 control

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Electronic overhead stirrers, VOS 40 digital and VOS 60 control
Omrørere Omrører Omrører, elektronisk
Laboratory stirrers that are ideal for simple stirring tasks, suitable for quantities up to 25 L (VOS 40 digital), or for intensive stirring tasks for quantities up to 40 L (VOS 60 control). Due to microprocessor-controlled technology, the stirrers automatically adjust the speed within the speed range of 0/₃₀ to 2000 min⁻¹.

  • Digital speed display
  • Infinitely adjustable speed
  • Push-through agitator shafts
  • Overload protection and units can be operated for short-term periods in overload conditions
  • Error code display

Safety circuits ensure automatic cut-off in anti-stall or overload conditions. The actual shaft and pre-set speed are constantly monitored, and variations adjusted automatically. This guarantees a constant speed even with changes in sample viscosities. Stirrers have a slim casing and provide quiet operation.

The VOS 60 control model features a removable wireless controller and a digital, multilingual TFT display. This stirrer is equipped with a RS232 and USB interface to control and document all parameters. An integrated torque-trend display enables measurement of viscosity changes.

Programmable functions
Integrated temperature measurement
Interval operation, timer and lock function
Adjustable safety circuit

Sertifiseringer: Protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 40

Bestillingsinformasjon: Supplied without accessories, a wide range of accessories are available to order separately.
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