Precision balances, Secura® series

Leverandør: Sartorius

SARBSECURA31011CFR 611-2725 611-2726 611-2721 SARBSECURA11031CEU 611-2737 611-2734 611-2728 611-2736 611-2718 SARBSECURA61021CEU 611-2713 SARBSECURA61011CEU 611-2732 SARBSECURA613-1CEU 611-3135 611-2715 SARBSECURA1103-1S 611-2731 SARBSECURA612-1CEU 611-2740 611-2719 611-2739 611-3134 611-2741 SARBSECURA31011CEU 611-2733 611-2716 611-3133 611-2723 611-2720 611-2727 611-2729
Precision balances, Secura® series
Advanced balances designed for easy, reliable and secure weighing operations for regulated areas. The Secura® range features a range of APC functions (Advanced Pharma Compliance) to help with documentation and monitoring requirements. The GLP compliant printout documentation is also controlled by the  in-built security control, as data transfer to a printer or PC is blocked when common operating errors occur, such as the balance is not level, minimum sample weight has not been achieved or temperature fluctuations require isoCAL calibration adjustment.

  • Touch screen with graphical user interface optimised for users in pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Cal Audit Trail function to document the quality of each weighing procedure you perform
  • IsoCAL internal calibration and adjustment function linked to CAL Audit Trail
  • SQmin - monitoring of compliance with USP minimum sample weight limits
  • Password protection of set-up settings
  • LevelControl continuously checks to see if the balance is perfectly level

Secura® also features built-in protection systems for complete reliability and regulatory compliance and provides highly accurate weighing results and operating convenience. It features integrated protection systems for minimising the risk of obtaining incorrect results and real time alarm messaging and interactive user guidance for levelling to prevent inaccurate results due to an unlevelled balance.

Safe and clear documentation by sample and batch identifiers for keeping perfect track of weighing data and integrated PC direct function and plug and work connectivity to a printer.

Choice of legal verification: Factory verification EU (CEU); factory verification Switzerland (CCH); factory verification France (CFR).

Leveringsinformasjon: Supplied with universal power adapter, in-use cover, application guide, dust cover for analytical balances and a draft shield ring for 0,1 mg balances.
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