Circulating chillers, Unistat range

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Circulating chillers, Unistat range
Termostatbad Termostatbad, lukket Temperaturkontrollsystemer
Unistats® are the ideal solution for fast and precise thermal control of externally connected applications. These compact units enable previously unachievable performance, offer rapid temperature change and allow use over a wide temperature range without requiring a fluid change. There are over 60 models to choose from in sleek tower housings, or flat-build with cooling powers from 0,7 to 130 kW. Whatever the application, Unistats® provide professional scale up offering the same stable process conditions from the development lab to production systems. Units have a range of safety functions, provide flexible communication via USB and LAN interfaces and give comprehensive warning alarms. Units are ideal for use with reactor systems, autoclaves, pilot and mini plant systems, scale up developments, double wall reactors, distillation systems, material testing and use in combinational chemistry and the semiconductor industry.

  • Working temperatures from -120 °C to +425 °C
  • Multilingual, interactive Pilot ONE® controller with Plug & Play technology, 14,5 cm touch screen and easy menu navigation and graphic capabilities
  • Highly accurate, intelligent temperature control
  • Maximum process stability and reproducibility
  • The fastest heating and cooling rates
  • Increased thermal fluid life

Units comply with DIN 12876; rated Safety Class III

Sertifiseringer: Units comply with DIN 12876; rated Safety Class III

Bestillingsinformasjon: All units require a three phase, 400 V mains supply except “Petite Fleur®/w/eo” which needs 230 V mains supply and “Unistat® Tango® /wl” and Unistat® “405/w, 410w and 705/w which feature a convertible 230 or 400 V, three phase mains supply. W denotes water cooled models. Please contact Avantor for details on other models or options and accessories available.

NB: Cooling capacity at +200; +100; 0; –20; –40 and –80 °C.

Note: Cooling capacity at +200; +100; 0; −20; −40 and −80 °C.
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