Multi-parameter depth probes, MPP 930 IDS

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Multi-parameter depth probes, MPP 930 IDS
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These digital depth probes, with built-in barometric pressure and temperature compensation, combine dissolved oxygen, pH or ORP and conductivity measurements with accurate depth readings. They can be used with either one, two or three IDS electrodes. The multi-parameter meter Multi 3430 or Multi 3630 IDS is required for measurements.

  • No twisting, no screwing: Only a click is needed for creating a pressure, tension resistant, data proof connection to the MPP IDS
  • Optional special cable reel with sliding contacts for simultaneously winding the cable and taking readings; space for cables up to 100 m length
  • Three sensor inputs for simultaneously measuring up to three parameters, including depth

Bestillingsinformasjon: Sensors on request, please contact customer service.

Leveringsinformasjon: Probes are supplied with built-in pressure sensor, guard, weight, and protection caps for sensor inputs and probe output. Sensors need to be ordered separately.
The kit is supplied with probe, built-in pressure sensor, guard, weight, and protection caps, carrying case and three sensors (SensoLyt®900-P, TetraCon® 925-P and FDO® 925).
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