Food safe kits for identification of pathogenic microorganisms

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Food safe kits for identification of pathogenic microorganisms
Mikrobiologiske testsystemer PCR tester
Food safe kits provide a simple, reliable, and rapid procedure for detecting the presence of a specific pathogenic bacteria. The assay is based on 5’ nuclease Real-Time PCR reactions to amplify a unique genomic sequence in the target microorganism. PCR is a method used to amplify a specific DNA sequence which is typically amplified in a reaction containing a thermostable DNA polymerase, nucleotides, and primers complementary to the target sequence. When this solution is heated, the DNA molecule denatures, separating into two strands. As the solution cools, the primers anneal to the target sequences in the separated DNA strands and the DNA polymerase synthesises a new strand by extending the primers with nucleotides, creating a copy of the DNA sequence (amplicons). When repeated, this cycle of denaturing, annealing, and extending exponentially increases the number of target amplicons. In Real-Time PCR, specific fluorescent probes are used to detect the amplified DNA by hybridising with amplicons. These probes are linked to a fluorophore on one end and a quencher that suppresses fluorescence on the other. If the target sequence is present during the PCR, amplification occurs and the probe is degraded, resulting in fluorescence increase. Fluorescence is measured by a detector and the associated software plots the fluorescence intensity versus number of cycles, allowing the determination of the presence or absence of the target organism.

  • Ready to use and complete: All reagents for Real-Time PCR are included
  • Compatible with instruments working in FAM and ROX channels
  • Results obtained in about 2 hours after DNA extraction
  • Method validation according to ISO 22118:2011 - Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs
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