Waste disposal boxes, Bio-bin®

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Waste disposal boxes, Bio-bin®
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These U.N. approved, paper-based containers provide a safe and innovative way to dispose all kinds of waste.

  • Space efficient fold-flat design with easy assembly
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Ideal for use in labs, wards and for community health

The 1 litre Bio-bin® is ideally suited for use in the field (e.g. community nursing) or for private first aid providers. It is the ideal size to be used in laboratories where limited space is available, such as inside fume cupboards.

The 2 litre Bio-bin® has been designed to replace plastic waste containers for non sharp laboratory/hospital waste. Ideal for disposal of pipette tips in the lab or for general ward and community waste.

The 5 litre Bio-bin® is ideal for bench top use in laboratories, as well as in wards and theatres. The bin comes folded flat which makes a significant space saving in storage and also makes the bin perfect for use in community nursing.

The Loop Bio-bin® was designed for disposal of single-use implements, such as loops and swabs in labs and non sharp surgical instruments, such as nippers and scissors used both in wards and in community nursing.

The 30 litre Bio-bin® is ideal for larger amounts of clinical waste created in laboratory, hospital and community settings. In addition, the bin comes with a Bin-sert™, which simply slides inside the bin and locks into place.
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