Glass microfibre filters without binder

Leverandør: Sartorius
516-7110EA 1025 NOK
516-7110 SART13440-47-Q SARTFT-3-1102-050 516-7099 SARTFT-3-1102-125 SARTFT-3-1104-045 SARTFT-3-1105-142 SARTFT-3-1101-050 SARTFT-3-1101-080 SARTFT-3-01110-110 SARTFT-3-1104-100 SARTFT-3-1101-185 SARTFT-3-1102-070 516-7119 SARTFT-3-1104-070 SARTFT-3-1101-240 516-7102 516-7120 SARTFT-3-1104-150 512-0085 SARTFT-3-01110-050 SART13440-44-Q 513-0096 SARTFT-3-1103-185 516-7096 516-7111 SARTFT-3-1102-100 SARTFT-3-1106-055 SART13440-130-K SARTFT-3-1103-142 516-7116 SARTFT-3-1104-090 SARTFT-3-01110-090 SARTFT-3-01147-090 SARTFT-3-1101-037 SARTFT-3-1102-047 516-7115 516-7112 513-0078 SARTFT-3-01110-070 516-7105 516-7117 516-7103 516-7101 513-0076 516-7097 SARTFT-3-1106-070 516-7104 SARTFT-3-1104-013 SARTFT-3-1106-110 513-0095 SARTFT-3-1106-047 SARTFT-3-1104-047 SARTFT-3-1103-050 516-7106 SARTFT-3-1104-050 SARTFT-3-1106-125 SARTFT-3-1106-025 SART13440-42-Q 516-7118 SARTFT-3-1106-090 516-7114 SARTFT-3-1104-110 SARTFT-3-1106-037 SART13440-100-K SARTFT-3-1105-070 516-7108 513-0077 516-7109 516-7098 516-7113 516-7107
Glass microfibre filters without binder
Filter Glassfiberfilter
Binder free glass microfibre filters are made of 100% borosilicate, are highly pure and extremely white. They are recommended for analytical and gravimetric analyses and also as prefilters. These filters combine fast flow rates with high load capacity and the retention of very fine particles.

  • Biologically inert
  • Chemical resistant

Grade MGA: Clarification of buffer and reagent solutions
Grade MG 160: Air monitoring
Grade MG 550-HA : Analysis of suspended solids in wastewater according to 2540D
Grade MGB, Grade MGD, Grade 13440: Membrane prefilter

Grade MGC: Analysis of suspended solids in waste according to DIN EN 872
Grade MGF: Clarification of protein solutions
Grade MGG: Water filtration
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