Axygen® AxyPrep® Mag DyeClean kit

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Axygen® AxyPrep® Mag DyeClean kit
Nukleinsyre reagenser Odczynniki i zestawy do oczyszczania kwasów nukleinowych
Removing excess dye terminator is an essential step prior to Sanger sequencing. Carryover of the excess dye into the sequencing reactions may result in dye blobs resulting in inaccurate results. The AxyPrep™ Mag DyeClean kit utilises a paramagnetic bead-based purification system for Sanger sequencing reaction dye terminator clean-up. The protocol is simple and comprises binding, washing and elution steps which can be performed directly in the thermal cycling plate. This kit requires no centrifugation or filtration steps.

  • High signal to noise ratio resulting in long reads and high QV20+ scores
  • Suitable for the clean up of sequencing reaction of many different Sanger sequencing based platforms
  • Simple and easy sequencing reaction clean up process: 25 minutes/96 samples
  • Manual and automation friendly
  • Scalable: Tube, 96-well and 384-well plate formats
  • No centrifugation or filtration required
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