Cooling thermostats, with natural refrigerant, ECO

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Cooling thermostats, with natural refrigerant, ECO
Termostatbad Termostatbad, åpent Termostatbad / termostatbad med kjøling
Cooling thermostats with menu navigation in plain text for user friendly operation. Various interface modules are available as accessories. All models are available as air or water-cooled versions. They are similar in specifications with the ECO model thermostats, in addition these models comes with natural refrigerant.

  • Variopump with six adjustable stages
  • Flow rate switch for control of flow rate between internal and external circulation
  • Simultaneous display of set and actual temperature
  • Over-temperature setting via menu
  • USB interface as standard

Silver controller: The cooling thermostats with Silver controller are suitable for use in the temperature range from −50 up to +200 °C. They are equipped with a bath cover and a pump circulation set for external applications as standard.
Heating power 2 kW, working temperature range up to 200 °C
LCD display, resolution of indication 0,01 °C
Programmer with one program and 20 segments

Gold controller: The cooling thermostats with Gold controller are suitable for use in the temperature range from −50 up to +200 °C.
Heating power 2,6 kW, working temperature range up to 200 °C
Colour TFT display, resolution 0,01 °C
Programmer with five programs and 150 segments
Graphical display of temperature profiles
Ramp function and clock timer

Maximum pump capacity:
All models: 22 L/min, 0,55 bar

Leveringsinformasjon: Units supplied with bath cover and closing plugs. S models have pump connections with 13 mm plastic nipples, G models have a stainless steel pump circulation set with a M16×1 thread. W denotes models are water cooled. Other refrigerants are available, please contact your local Avantor sales office for details.

NB: Cooling capacity at +20; 0.
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