Protectivel hood, full, Flowhood 21 (FH21)

Leverandør: Scott Safety
SCTS2023098EA 1275 NOK
Protectivel hood, full, Flowhood 21 (FH21)
Respiratorer Vernemaskesystem
This headtop provides the highest levels of comfort and wearer acceptance​. It is designed to be used with the following respiratory systems: Spirit, Tornado, Proflow2 120SC/120EX, 160SC/160EX and Proflow3 120EX, 180SC.

  • Revolutionary soft head cradle for intuitive and straightforward donning
  • Ultra-clear PETG visor giving wide field of view and a clear down-view panel
  • Anti-static full hood design with skin-friendly neoprene chin seal

Sertifiseringer: EN 14941 (class TH3), EN 166 F

Bestillingsinformasjon: FH21 is supplied without hose.
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