Leverandør: Döhler
710-1967EA 2600 NOK
Mikrobiologiske medier Media, preparerte for mikrobiologi Preparert media, flasker
PCR broth for fast and universal detection of beer spoiling microorganisms, such as lactobacilli, pediococci, Pectinatus and Megasphaera in yeast and clear/cloudy beer samples. NBB®-PCR (pH 5,7 ±0,2) is a ready-to-use enrichment broth for the detection of beer spoiling bacteria by PCR and real-time PCR methods. NBB®-PCR is compatible with all standard PCR and real-time PCR methods from different manufacturers. Due to an optimised and regulated quality-controlled production process, the medium does not contain any ingredients, which impair DNA amplification and detection (realtime PCR). In addition the medium is free from contaminating DNA, which is controlled and ensured by internal and external validations. The medium is optimized for microbiological enrichment and therefore allows no culture detection of bacteria, because no indicator dye is included. NBB®-PCR broth can be used for the molecular biological detection of:.

  • Yeast samples
  • Unfiltered beer, containing yeast
  • Filtered beer
  • (Rinse-) water samples
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