Lysosomal stain, LysoView™

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Lysosomal stain, LysoView™
Assay Cellulær analyse
LysoView™ dyes label lysosomes in live cells, and are available with blue, green, visible red, and far-red fluorescence.

  • No-wash, fluorescent staining of lysosomes in live cells
  • Non-toxic for real-time live-cell imaging
  • Lower background than LyosoTracker® dyes
  • Dye options for super-resolution imaging
  • Blue, green, red, or far-red fluorescence

LysoView™ dyes are fluorescent stains for imaging lysosome localization and morphology in live cells. The dyes accumulate in the low pH environment of the lysosomes, resulting in highly specific lysosomal staining without the need for a wash step. LysoView™ 540 and LysoView™ 633 exhibit pH-sensitive fluorescence, further enhancing the specificity of staining. LysoView™ 488 has been validated in super-resolution imaging by SIM, while LysoView™ 650 fluorophore is compatible with super-resolution imaging by SIM and STED.

LysoView™ 540 and LysoView™ 633 stain vacuoles in yeast. Staining of bacteria varies between dyes.
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