Cooling bath thermostats, with natural refrigerants, PRO

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Cooling bath thermostats, with natural refrigerants, PRO
Termostatbad Termostatbad, åpent Termostatbad / termostatbad med kjøling
The PRO cooling bath thermostats for internal bath applications are equipped with a multi-stage adjustable pump. This ensures good mixing of the bath. It has 360º turnable and detachable control panel for remote control.

  • Touchscreen can be operated with gloves
  • Internal Varioflex pump (pressure-suction pump) with eight pump levels
  • Programmer with one program, 20 segments whereas 100 programs, with 50 segments for command unit
  • Individual access rights for up to 20 users
  • Enables ramp function for easy computation
  • Hybrid cooling for cooling the refrigeration machine with ambient air or additional cooling water

High contrast OLED display for units with Base control, whereas large colour touchscreen (145 mm) with multi touch operation for units with Command Touch, with timer and count down display.

Max. flow rate / max. pressure:
Pump pressure/suction: 0,7/0,4 bar
Pump flow pressure/suction: 22/20 L/min

Leveringsinformasjon: Supplied with bath covers and 2 hose olives with cap nuts for the cooling coil.
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