Homogeniser, FastPrep®-96

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Homogeniser, FastPrep®-96
Homogenisatorer Homogenisatorer, bordmodell
FastPrep-96™ is a versatile high-speed homogeniser offering the ultimate in high-throughput sample preparation. It is used to homogenize biological samples. FastPrep®-96 Instrument lyses thoroughly and quickly any tissues and cells and thus allows easy and reproducible isolation of stable RNA, active proteins and full-length genomic DNA.

  • High throughput process up to 192 samples simultaneously in 2×96 deep well plates
  • Exceptional versatility interchangeable adapters available for 2×96 deep well plates, 96×2 ml tubes, 48×4,5 ml tubes, 24×15 ml tubes, 8×50 ml tubes, and 1×250 ml flask
  • Excellent reproducibility consistent lysis results in every well with automated feedback control
  • Fast processing speed 1800 oscillations/min and 1,5-inch stroke - highest available
  • True Linear Motion Eliminates the need to re-orient plates mid-cycle Preservation of temperature sensitive molecules, homogenisation performed at room or cryogenic temperatures

Developed for resistant samples, the FastPrep-96™ instrument uses a high-speed linear motion to disrupt thoroughly any tissues and cells in just seconds through the simultaneous beating of specialised Lysing Matrix beads on the sample material. This high-performance system saves hours of work during the sample preparation stage and allows for the purification of high yields of intact DNA, RNA, proteins and other metabolites.
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