DNA extraction and purification kit

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DNA extraction and purification kit
Mikrobiologiske testsystemer PCR tester
Successful PCR applications depend on well purified DNA. In diagnostics and analytics of food and medical samples PCR and real-time PCR has many advantages over conventional methods. In all cases it is of importance to have well purified DNA for subsequent PCR, real-time PCR, hybridization or sequencing purposes. Purified DNA leads to higher sensitivity and also specificity of PCR based tests in difficult matrices. With QuickBlue Extraction and Purification Kit you always get high DNA yields and highly purified DNA. The kit uses paramagnetic nano-particles for purification. It can help to purify DNA from difficult matrices like food or even blood in soil for applications in forensic sciences. DNA in Seawater can also be purified. This method avoids extensive centrifugation steps and can thus be applied in environments where centrifuges are not usable. The kits includes proteinase K as a reagent for cell disruption, so that extraction and purification can be performed with the kit. DNA yield from 1 ml bacterial enrichment is 10 μg of Genomic DNA. The protocol can be adapted to automated magnetic bead separation instruments.

  • DNA Purification Kit
  • High yeald of DNA from complex food matrices
  • Based on magnetic nanoparticles with high ratio of surface to mass of the nanoparticles
  • Contains proteinase K, nanoparticles and buffers
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