Real-Time PCR kit for detection of Salmonella

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Real-Time PCR kit for detection of Salmonella
Mikrobiologiske testsystemer PCR tester
OneCup it‘s so easy! The OneCup assay comes along with a minimum of pipetting steps. Everything is included in the mix. You only need to combine 20μl of the mix with 2μl of your DNA sample and everything is ready. You have a minimum of hands-on time and avoid mistakes during pipetting. You can run the test on all common block cyclers. Application: Detection of Salmonella in food samples and environmental samples subsequent to a pre-enrichment step according to DIN EN ISO 20837 and 20838. In combination with an appropriate pre-enrichment and DNA preparation the test complies with the official method of the German food and feed law §64. ASU L00.00-98. Test principle: The test is dedicated to detect DNA of Salmonella in a sample using Real-Time PCR in compliance with the ISO method mentioned below. The kit uses the TaqMan® principle. Thus the requirements of the ISO standard, that an amplification product has to be confirmed by a hybridization step, is fulfilled. Each reactions contains an internal amplification control. Therefore, false negative results due to inhibition of the reaction can be excluded. The test included the UNG enzyme to prevent re-amplification of contaminating amplicons.

  • All components are in one cup
  • Just add 2µl sample to 20µl mix
  • TaqMan probes
  • Contains internal amplification control in HEX channel
  • Taget in FAM channel
  • Contains UNG to protect from re-amplification
  • Positive DNA and negative control included

Sertifiseringer: DIN EN ISO 20838 conform detection in food and feed samples from pre-enrichment cultures or for confirmation of bacterial colonies.
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