Solvent desorption tubes, Supelco®

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505293.EA 2450 NOK
505293. 21024-U 505323. 21026-U 21014. 505358. 505331. 505315. 505320-U
Solvent desorption tubes, Supelco®
These LpDNPH cartridges are suitable for sampling carbonyls in ambient, indoor, and industrial atmospheres. The derivatives are eluted from the cartridge in acetonitrile and are analysed by HPLC.

The S10x cartridge fits automated samplers. The S10L cartridge is for analysts who prefer the shorter dimensions and do not need an adapter for sampling. H10, H30, and H300 cartridges contain higher loadings of 2,4-DNPH, making them suitable for use in high concentration environments. The disposable ozone scrubber is similar to an S10L cartridge, containing 1,5 g of high purity potassium iodide.
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