Gas chromatography 3-port SilFlow device

Leverandør: Thermo Scientific
HYPE60201-401EA 695 NOK
HYPE60201-401 HYPE60201-394 555-9146 HYPE60201-398 555-9043 HYPE60201-390 555-9044
Gas chromatography 3-port SilFlow device
Kromatografiutstyr Kromatografireservedeler
This SilFlow 3-Port device allows column switching in GC-MS without the need to vent.

  • Utilises a make up gas module and a microfluidic device

Leveringsinformasjon: This device includes a gas module with microfluidics and SilTite™ FingerTite fittings for easy set up and a reliable seal.
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