Osmolality standards, protein based

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Osmolality standards, protein based
Standarder Osmolitetsstandarder
Osmolality standards provide ease of use when calibrating all types of osmometers.

  • Ready to use and presented in convenient ampoules
  • Extended shelf life and has low uncertainty of measurement
  • Consistency of product-Independent, traceable
  • Consist of 12 ampoules of 5 ml

The Osmolality of the standard is verified using a high performance calibrated, temperature controlled osmometer. The calibration of this instrument is completed using high purity certified Osmolality standards.

Sertifiseringer: ISO17025 accreditation for calibration of non automatic weighing machines (INAB ref: 265C). The resulting Balance Certificate of Calibration is issued in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.
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