Multifunctional standard front mounted bench scales Defender 5000

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Defender 5000
OHAU30444762EA 8900 NOK
OHAU30444762 OHAU30424325 OHAU30498508 OHAU30461616 OHAU30461558 OHAU30498506 OHAU30444764 OHAU30461610 OHAU30461560 OHAU30498501 OHAU30461615 OHAU30498503 OHAU30444761 OHAU30461559 OHAU30498216 OHAU30498500 OHAU30498504 OHAU30498505 OHAU30461613 OHAU30424326 OHAU30498507 OHAU30461611 OHAU30461564 OHAU30444763 OHAU30498217 OHAU30498509 OHAU30498498 OHAU30461561 OHAU30498499 OHAU30461614 OHAU30461563 OHAU30424327 OHAU30461612 OHAU30461562 OHAU30498502
Multifunctional standard front mounted bench scales Defender 5000
The Defender 5000 Series multifunctional bench scales are ideal for numerous applications including production, packaging, inventory and shipping. Durably constructed to withstand harsh environments and equipped with a stainless steel platform, powder-coated steel frame and an aluminium load cell. Choice of indicator: D52P unit is ABS plastic and the D52XW indicator is 304 stainless steel with sand blasted surface treatment, which offers protection to IP 68.

  • Large backlit display and alpha-numeric keypad with function keys
  • Indicator guides user with on-screen prompts
  • Multiple application modes and high storage capacity for greater flexibility
  • Multiple connectivity options for convenient data transfer and storage

Equipped with advanced features such as maximum configurability print output, GMP/GLP data output, library/user management, and multiple connectivity options - the Defender 5000 is designed to simplify demanding industrial and commercial applications.

The series features common industrial modes and supports a 50000 item library and 1000 user profiles which can be downloaded/uploaded for easy set-up (with SD card.) Also equipped with GLP/GMP output capability with time/date for result traceability.

Weighing results can also be stored in Alibi or regular format, addressing all your data storage needs. Data output via built-in RS232 or optional additional interfaces including second RS232/RS485/USB device, Ethernet, Bluetooth/WiFi, analogue output or discrete I/O with relays, the Defender 5000 indicator can also be used for systems including PLCs.

Results can be read easily on the Defender 5000's large transflective dot matrix display, even in bright sunlight. The SmarText 3.0 interface will guide you through all of the Defender 5000's advanced features. With five soft keys, SmartText 3.0 makes an advanced scale very simple to use, and reduces training time for operators.

Featuring most common applications including percent weighing, parts counting with APW optimisation, checkweighing or checkcounting and dynamic weighing or display hold, the Defender 5000 meets the weighing and measurement needs of practically every industrial application or manufacturing process. Many application modes eliminate the need for long and complicated manual calculations. GMP/GLP with time/date allows for traceability of results.

Sertifiseringer: Meets OIML/EC type approvals.
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