Maxi fluorescent antibody labelling kits, Mix-n-Stain™, 1 mg labelling

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Maxi fluorescent antibody labelling kits, Mix-n-Stain™, 1 mg labelling
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The simplicity and convenience of Mix-n-Stain™ labelling, for conjugation of 1 mg IgG with fluorescent CF® dyes or other dyes.

  • Rapid, simple, covalent antibody conjugation
  • No purification required after labelling
  • Reaction takes only 30 minutes, with minimal hands-on time
  • Wide selection of next-generation CF® dyes with superior brightness and photostability
  • One labelling reaction of 1 mg IgG per kit

Mix-n-Stain™ Maxi Antibody Labelling Kits allow you to rapidly label 1 mg of IgG with one of Biotium's next-generation CF® dyes or other fluorescent dyes. Simply mix your antibody with the reaction buffer and optimally formulated dye provided, followed by a 30 minutes incubation and addition of the provided stop buffer. Any remaining free dye or other label is no longer reactive at the end of the labelling, so the conjugate is ready for staining without further purification. After the reaction, the antibody will be labelled with an average of 4 to 6 dye molecules per antibody molecule. Mix-n-Stain™ labelling is covalent, so labelled antibodies can be used for multiplex staining without transfer of dyes/labels between antibodies.

These kits feature a choice of Biotium's next-generation CF® dyes, which were designed for advantages in brightness and photostability compared to Alexa Fluor®, DyLight®, and other fluorescent dyes. Learn more about CF® Dyes. We also offer kits for labelling with fluorescein (FITC), Cyanine 555 (structurally identical to Cy®3) or Cyanine 647 (structurally identical to Cy®5).

Alexa Fluor and DyLight are registered trademarks of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Cy Dye is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare.

Leveringsinformasjon: Kit Components: Reaction buffer, lyophilised reactive dye, quenching buffer.
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