illustra™ plasmidPrep minisentrifugesett

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illustra™ plasmidPrep minisentrifugesett
Nukleinsyre reagenser Odczynniki i zestawy do oczyszczania kwasów nukleinowych
For rask isolering av plasmid-DNA som finnes i små og store mengder. Produserer plasmid-DNA av høy kvalitet med utmerket reproduserbarhet for bruk til kloning, restriksjonsenzymdigerering, PCR-amplifisering og DNA-sekvensering.

  • Den totale prepareringstiden er på mindre enn 10 minutter
  • Plasmid-DNA-utbytte fra en ny 1,5 ml kultur av E. coli som inneholder plasmid i store mengder, er vanligvis 6 til 9 µg
  • Brukervennlig
  • Organiske løsningsmidler er ikke nødvendige

The extracted plasmid DNA resulting from performing a miniprep is called a "plasmid miniprep" and is often performed using a plasmid purification kit. Minipreps are used in the process of molecular cloning to analyze bacterial clones. When bacteria are lysed under alkaline conditions, both chromosomal DNA and protein are denatured, but the plasmid DNA remains stable. On addition of acetate-containing neutralization buffer the larger and less supercoiled genomic DNA and proteins precipitate, but the small bacterial DNA plasmids stay in the solution.

The typical plasmid DNA yield from a fresh 1.5 mL culture of E. coli containing a high copy number plasmid is approximately 9 μg. Instead of organic solvents, the kit contains chaotropic salts to denature protein components and promote selective binding of DNA to the novel silica membrane.

Leveringsinformasjon: The kit contains spin columns prepacked with a novel silica membrane, suspension, lysis, and neutralization buffers containing chaotropic salts, wash and elution buffers, microcentrifuge collection tubes, a full protocol booklet, and a detachable, quick reference protocol card.
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