Air sampler, Coriolis® COMPACT

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Air sampler, Coriolis® COMPACT
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Portable dry air sampler for bio contamination control.

  • Concentrates airborne particles using a dry cyclonic technique
  • Compatible with culture and molecular biology standard methods (PCR, qPCR, or NGS)
  • Easy decontamination (hydrogen peroxide)
  • Autonomy on battery of 8 hours
  • Light and compact for indoor and outdoor use

Coriolis® COMPACT is a portable biological air sampler using a dry cyclonic technique, for indoor or outdoor air bio-contamination monitoring. Its innovative dry cyclonic technology aspirates the particles with an airflow of 50 L/m and centrifuges them in a cone. The collected particles or microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, moulds) can then be recovered by rinsing with an appropriate buffer that can be analysed afterwards using microbiological techniques.

Sample types include virus, bacteria, moulds, pollens and spores.

Suitable for environmental and pollution research, pharmaceutical, food and veterinary industries, biomedical and health environments.

Tilbehørs informasjon: Plastic cones are used with a screw cap to facilitate the transport and preservation of samples. Sterile and non sterile cones and caps are available (ready to use doses).
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