Cleanroom goggles, Coverall Sterile

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Cleanroom goggles, Coverall Sterile
Vernebriller /Goggles
Coverall Sterile goggles have been specially engineered to guarantee high protection and comfort levels in controlled environments. These single-use goggles are sterilised to ensure the protection of both the wearer and the work environment.

  • Adjustable clean isoprene strap, clear of dusts, microbes, and germs
  • Overflow chute for liquids
  • Fits over prescription spectacles
  • Universal sizing; one size fits all
  • Flexible PVC frame for added comfort
  • Upper and lower indirect vents
  • Panoramic vision
  • Anti-fog coating

Coverall Sterile goggles are sterilised by gamma radiation (25KGY - 40KGY). The lenses should be cleaned regularly. Pitted, scratched, or damaged lenses must be replaced by replacing the complete product. If the frame is damaged also replace the complete product. These goggles are designed for single-use in cleanrooms. Store in a dry and clean environment.

Weight: 67 g

Sertifiseringer: EN 166
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