Membrane filter funnels, PVDF, Microsart® @filter 100

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Microsart® @filter
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Membrane filter funnels, PVDF, Microsart® @filter 100
Trakter Membranfiltertrakter, trakter
Ready to use, sterile Microsart® @filter units combine a funnel, a filter base and a membrane filter in one unit. They have been specifically developed for the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other liquids.

  • Fully single-use design and sterile packaging help prevent secondary contamination
  • Click-fit closure for effortless funnel removal
  • Reliable results as no liquid remains after filtration
  • Transparent funnel for easy monitoring of the filtration progress
  • Filtration units with widest selection of integrated membrane filter types

The Microsart® @filter range has been tailored to meet individual needs. There are different pore sizes and different filter colours to choose from for contrasting backgrounds during evaluation. Marked graduations allow accurate sample volumes.

The optimal design permits a thorough rinsing of the system following filtration. No liquid is retained in the filter funnel. Optimal sealing to the Microsart® Base 47 mm is guaranteed by the Click-Fit closure. The filter units are available as tray versions with lids, or are stacked in bags for safe removal using the Microsart® Funnel Dispenser.
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