Bioprinter with starter package, Corning® Matribot®

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Bioprinter with starter package, Corning® Matribot®
The Corning® Matribot® bioprinter is a breakthrough benchtop device that enables you to dispense and print with temperature-sensitive hydrogels such as Corning matrigel matrix and collagen without cold blocks, ice buckets or cold room, as well as hydrogels that require ambient temperature.

  • Cooling syringe printhead
  • Lab-standard equipment
  • Convenient, steady temperature control
  • Compact footprint and easy to clean
  • Heated printbed and UV curing system
  • Automatic or manual calibration
  • User-friendly Corning DNA studio software

Unlike other bioprinters, the Matribot bioprinter uses a syringe-based extrusion platform with a temperature-controlled printhead, insulated nozzles, printbed that can be heated, and a UV LED system, all staged in a small footprint.

Software accepts STL, OBJ, or AMF files and supports both Windows® (XP 32 bit/7+) or macOS X (10.6 64bit/ 10.7+) operating systems.

Tilbehørs informasjon: Corning® Pluronics sacrificial ink (40%) is a ready-to-print sacrificial and support ink that exhibits excellent printability. It is easy to remove once printed by washing with cold PBS. Pluronics sacrificial ink has been used for the fabrication of vascularized tissues, channels in microfluidic devices, and supporting scaffolds for complicated tissue constructs.
Corning® Pluronics sacrificial ink can also be diluted to 25% v/v with water and used as a learning tool to mimic dispensing of temperature-sensitive hydrogels.

Corning® Start sacrificial ink is a water-soluble gel used as a sacrificial material and ink for educational purposes. Ideal for evaluating the printing of complex structures, prior to printing with human cells.

Corning® Standard conical bioprinting nozzles are made from polypropylene, have a female Luer connector, and are available in 22G, 25G, and 27G.

Bestillingsinformasjon: For more information, refer to the Pluronics dispensing document or contact your Avantor representative.
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