Gas chromatograph, GC-82-12

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Gas chromatograph, GC-82-12
Kromatografisystemer Gasskromatografer
GC82-12 Hot wire. A simple gas chromatograph with hot wire detector. Compact and easy to handle and suitable for teaching situations. Helium is recommended as the carrier gas, but nitrogen or argon can also be used. Digital temperature setting of the isothermal oven. Temperature control with PT100 sensor 0 to 250 ° C. Adjustable hot wire detector 50 to 300 mA. Two-column system that is also suitable for glass columns. 2 packed copper columns, polar and non-polar, included. Inlet gas inlet pressure 1.5 to 3.5 bar. Dimensions: 30 × 54 × 36 cm. Weight: 11 kg.

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Bestillingsinformasjon: Bottle regulator and carrier gas are ordered from AGA Gas AB. Helium, nitrogen or argon in a 5-liter tube with stand. Bottle regulator "Red Line" 500024659 (0.5-3 bar) outgoing connection with 1/8 "thread, including nut and ferrule.
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