Microtitre plates, 96-well

Leverandør: Thermo Fisher Scientific
735-0180EA 1475 NOK
735-0180 700-2657 735-0184 735-0194
Microtitre plates, 96-well
Mikroplater HTS-mikroplater
Rigid styrene or flexible vinyl, square well. Ideal for micro-volume applications, such as storage, sample or reagent transfer, serial dilution, haemogglutination, blood typing and compliment fixation. Available with a choice of flat, U- or V-bottom well shape.

  • U-bottom well shape improves washing in ELISAs, enhances sensitivity in fluorescent applications and facilitates observation of agglutination reactions
  • V-bottom well shape is optimal for magnetic bead assays, ideal for agglutination tests, useful for centrifugation or concentration and facilitates recovery of contents
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