Tørkevekt, MA100

Leverandør: Sartorius

611-1100EA 0 NOK
611-1100 611-1609 617-1104
Tørkevekt, MA100
Analysatorer Fuktanalyse
The MA100 is an accurate and configurable model with a user friendly keyboard and software prompts to easily access all the modes of operation and data input.

  • SPRM- enables the operating parameters to be adapted to the results of an available reference method and be saved as a drying routine
  • Access to sample chamber by motorised cover incorporating the heating unit that reduces interfering effects
  • Password protection of parameters
  • Built-in calibration weight
  • Fully automatic endpoint determination, continuously monitoring the drying curve and stopping the process once the sample reaches constant weight

Designed for quality control and research and development. Fast and easy control of the accuracy through DIN/ISO-compliant self-testing and self-calibrating capabilities to built-in calibration weight, reproTEST function and temperature adjustment set.

Bestillingsinformasjon: A range (0CE suffix) of verified versions for use in legal metrology in the European Economic area is available. Please contact VWR for details.
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