Autoloop Pro

Leverandør: WLD-TEC GmbH

WART8.000.400EA 12725 NOK
WART8.000.400 451-0118 WART6.000.400 451-0117
Autoloop Pro
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The inoculation loop carrousel Autoloop Pro, which is suitable for up to four inoculation loops, was developed to comply with current requirements in microbiological, cellbiological and biotechnological laboratories.

  • Stable housing enables comfortable and easy access to inoculation loops
  • Reduce gas consumption
  • Intelligent sensor of the Autoloop PRO monitors safe sterilisation
  • Automatic unit switch off after 1 hour

The Autoloop PRO rotates and controls flaming automatically, No unintentional use of hot inoculation loops: When flaming is completed, the display shows the remaining cooling time and the removal positions of cool inoculation loops. All the suspended inoculation loops can be flamed as needed in one full rotation of the carrousel.

Bestillingsinformasjon: Supplied without Fuego SCS series laboratory gas burner.
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