Leverandør: Sartorius
SART12602-47-ALNEA 9925 NOK
SART12602-47-ALN SART12602-50-ALK 512-8500 SART12602-37-ALK SART12602-50-ALN SART12602-47-ALK
Filter Membranfilter
Gelatine membrane filters in conjunction with the MD8 air samplers (gelatine filter method) are used for the collection of airborne microbes and viruses. These filters are completely water-soluble, therefore, microbes in one sample can be cultivated in different nutrient media or low and high bacteria counts can be measured.

  • Pre-sterilised and ready to use
  • Maintains viability of the collected microorganisms
  • Solubility of the filter is a prerequisite for virus sampling

'Absolute' retention rate of 99,9995% for Bacillus subtilis and niger spores and 99,94% for T3 phages.
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