Membranfiltre, type 154

Leverandør: Sartorius
SART15407-25-MINEA 2575 NOK
SART15407-25-MIN 512-5076 512-2954 SART15406-47-N SART15407-50-MIN SART15406-50-N SART15407-47-MIN SART15406-25-N SART15458-47-N
Membranfiltre, type 154
Filter Membranfilter
PES membrane filters are hydrophilic, have high flow rates thanks to the symmetric structure, have a low non-specific protein adsorption and are chemically resistant over a pH range of 1 to 14. They are recommended for the filtration of aqueous solutions as well for the protein filtration. Furthermore, the low level of extractables makes them suitable for environmental analysis.
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